How blogging queen demonstrates the promotional power that wipe out retractable banner

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Days there must be people or more visits popular blogger of "Queen", after the successful publication of the personal writings, many manufacturers have also knocks on your door, invited endorsement; another co-blogger, has continually interview speech, super KUSO (funny) blogger Lady Nana.

Good free tampons is spotted reading blog queen and lady Nana ethnic, economic and affordable budget, and the Queen of cooperation, less than a week, breaking the 30 million people of Visitors, articles Reply to the rate of over one hundred a chapter of a wonderful experience of confession, let the good itself unexpectedly, two bloggers actually bring them, the original use of celebrity endorsements or retractable banners promotion can not be achieved.

How Lion Pencil perform rebranding with retractable banner

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In recent years US's manufacturing, foundry industry constantly issued a cry for help, not only foundries have fled to China, Vietnam, to find cheaper labor, traditional stationery supplier with the international market, low-cost competition from China, Southeast Asia, and Europe, Japan's high-priced fine stationery manufacturers of the folder kill, and facing an unprecedented challenge.

The era of little profit in the past, when many manufacturers Alas sound complaining to find a way out, there is an old stationery factory, so all eyes as one of the brightest, only $500,000 for the brand to bring new life, in short into a 310% return on investment in the short three years, exactly how they do it with the cheap One Group - retractable banner promotion?  Exploiting new vitality to the next generation of re-innovation.

The 53-year-old, along with the growth of the people of US brands - lion pencil, experienced several challenges, experience heritage, rising commodity force created many best-selling merchandise. Sophisticated production technology and cost control alone can not solve the new problems arising under the changes of the times.

"If the lion pencil is still stuck in the pencil manufacturing stage, and that the lion has long been out of the market up." Started to pencil, Lion Pencil Factory chairman to pencil in the name of Li Yiwen short sentence tells Lions several year change.

Not only the competitive pressures of the external market, the local market is also caused by the shrinking of the size of the market due to low birth rate. In addition, the problem of an aging brand is imminent, the lion pencil revenue in recession, business is increasingly hard.