How Black Show Network use Retractable Banner Stand to promote

How Black Show Network use Retractable Banner Stand to promote

Thousands of websites, “black show network” is a unique Web site for a special service by American designers, because there is a certain appeal to the designer, the member has accumulated more than twelve thousand daily view more than 250,000 people, also attracted NOKIA, BUICK A thin leather shoes and other well-known brands and black show network with the Office of the design competition.

Han said that the, black show network marketing is that the “designer” Community Core. In addition to the most in need of creative designers contest message and design news, retractable banner stand advertising and promotional activities most choose cooperation with well-known advertisers, working together to penetrate the image to promote the brand of black show network.

Each year organizes regular trash creative activities, so that designers feel excellent, bosses, customers, teachers, and the return of the game works and creativity, there is the opportunity to re-seen, and let friends vote for outstanding works design software, banners gallery, awards printer, users participate in a high degree.

Mechanism to establish a platform for alliances and other design-related sites, to increase the number of network links exposure, plus often search for keywords and in the name of the site, for example, the “black show network” behind the name of the site, plus “design” , “creative” and “designer” keywords, but also to increase the site is a good way to search, cost you even less than EYE retractable banner stand to get publicity.

In addition, the mechanism through twelve thousand members operating platform exclusive gallery, equal also helped black show the net called on twelve thousand Marketing Specialist, Member in Foreign posted galleries link to promote their works at the same time, traffic will be brought to the a black show network, website exposure count and a higher degree of recognition.

The black show network operating mode, a membership fee, but advertising and event income. Han said that the black show Net sit back and wait strategy, advertising fees transparent, one-month the advertising banners charges 2-3 million, although it can not discount, but because the platform target precision, so a good advertising effectiveness, advertisers and advertising agencies are like in the black show network advertising, just as advertised price is very hard, so he did not welcomed by the media agency. And black show network advertisers to design hardware and software for the bulk, such as Apple Computer, Microsoft, EPSON, the HP printer, etc., advertising revenue accounts for about 60% of overall revenue.

Cooperation activities, the mainly creative design competitions publicity and cooperation based. The black show network offers two very different activities in cooperation specifications, a 50,000 yuan buffet and 150 million meals, former black show network platform space, the latter by the black show network arranged platform space, retractable banner stand advertising design, awards activities, assessment invitation and publicity for the current year will be more than a dozen large and small activities, accounting for four percent of the overall revenue.

Create a positive image of American designers Portal in US, also win more marketing channels for black show network, for example, the end of last year, the black show net was invited to the the Shanghai 1933 Millfun cultural and creative industries, to participate in the Government “organized by the International Creative Cultural Industry Week” activities.

To participate in the exhibition in US’s largest design website “Vision US website” also invited black show net to Beijing to attend the illustrations show, the best illustrator in US extended to the Chinese market, also did get some excellent illustrator favor of Chinese enterprises, the opportunities for cooperation, so that the service functions of the the the black show network platform for creative designers.

Although many human network of websites and black show negotiate hope media human and design case, but Tang Shenghan think, fees not rely on the information gap between creative designers and owners to black show net operating purposes. Black show net will be a bold attempt by the franchise photography and illustrations, files, retractable banner stand design, e-commerce platform, let the black show network members to the works drawing upload their own pricing, then the money flows through the black show network, allowing users to pay fee download, confirmed members can receive the purchase price, to guarantee a return on the one hand.

On the other hand, it is also convenient black show network statistics sales, received part of the fee subsidy the members money flows and bandwidth costs. Also consider the future and EPSON consumers purchase drawing larger output and bezel service, trading platform and more diverse exchanges. Black show network, eventually hope to stimulate creative retractable banners design ability, courage and marketing their own use of the platform to provide the resources, and let yourself be seen. Opportunity to rely on their own hands, and marketing their own courage, have the ability to help customers marketing brand.

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